The Smiling Chickpeas

The Smiling Chickpeas

The Smiling Chickpeas

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Three Squishy Peas Are Better Than Two Peas In A Pod!

Lots of people are transitioning to different vegan lifestyles nowadays, so it’s not a coincidence that cute veggie pillows are also on the rise. Do you love Chickpeas? Now you can also get them to accompany you while sleeping, giving you good dreams while reminding you to be healthy!

Snuggly, Cuddly Details:

😴 Experience better quality of sleep with its ultra-soft fibers and fillings that keeps you comfortable and warm at all times.
❎ Eliminate all kinds of stress or discomfort with its delightful appearance and huggable design.
💖 Made with love at our HeySquishy HQ, we carefully thought of all its details—from the superior PP cotton down to the stitching, to ensure that you get the pillow of your dreams.

A Cushy Reminder:

Dimensions of our plushies may vary as PP cotton naturally expands or shrinks by a few centimeters. They are vacuum sealed so we can ship it to you for free! Allow your stuffed toys to return to its original full size in a few days—be patient!


My favorite store! They have the cutest huggable plushies. I love their Shelby the Llama pillow 💗

Cecile R.

I love their variety of plush pillows! It's really cute! I bought 2 plushy pillows to accompany me when I sleep!

Nancy V.

I gave one to my sister, and she definitely loved it! It's super soft and had the smoothest transaction with them!

Kelly A.