Pearly Bob

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Every Milktea Lovers Pillow Dream!

The search is over. This pillow is for all bubble tea lovers! You'll never find a pillow that is as comfy, beautiful,  and most of all, it's your favorite drink! Pearly Bob will give you the comfort that you need. Its huggable shape and design make it the best partner for sleeping. 

  • Delightful Appearance: This bubble tea-shaped pillow features plush materials that also show all intricate details that resemble the real drink- in a cute way! 
  • 200% Huggable: With its ultra-soft fibers and fillings, it is a great pillow to have beside you every day. You’ll never find a bubble tea pillow that is as comfy and beautiful as this one that you can hug with your whole body! 
  • Light & Portable: Bring it anywhere to have your beloved bubble tea with you, ideal for sleepovers, car rides. It’s the only pillow you’ll ever need! 
  • Outstanding Durability: Built for daily use, this won’t deform easily over the years- so you’ll have a pillow that will last for a long time! A bubble tea bed companion for the years to come! 


Material: Soft Plush and PP Cotton
25cm ; 9.84in
35cm ; 13.78in
50cm ; 19.69in

Cuddle with your most favorite drink every day! Order Pearly Bob now!

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My favorite store! They have the cutest huggable plushies. I love their Shelby the Llama pillow 💗

Cecile R.

I love their variety of plush pillows! It's really cute! I bought 2 plushy pillows to accompany me when I sleep!

Nancy V.

I gave one to my sister, and she definitely loved it! It's super soft and had the smoothest transaction with them!

Kelly A.